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Kinderhotels love children and animals

Holidays with children and

For dog owners, the perfect family holiday at Kinderhotels is not complete without their four-legged friend. Some Kinderhotels Europa hotels also welcome beloved pet dogs on holiday. Many Kinderhotels show their love for animals in other ways too; whilst holidaying at a Kinderhotel, children have the opportunity to take a horse-care certificate or get a pet-care diploma.

Dogs in our Kinderhotels

Some Kinderhotels allow dogs to relax on holiday with their families, because for many dog owners their furry friend is a beloved member of the family.

Many host families are dog owners themselves and understand that a holiday without your dog is only half the fun. Parents and children can’t enjoy their holiday to the full if they are worrying about their four-legged friend which has had to stay in kennels whilst the family is away.

Take your pet-care diploma at Kinderhotels

Some Kinderhotels Europa members offer young guests the chance to obtain their “pet-care diploma”.

Children who love animals can take their horse-care certificate at Kinderhotel Hubertushof. After easy practical and theoretical lessons about horses and horse care, children will be able to take their horse-care certificate. At Kinderhotel Ramsi, if they want to young guests can help in the stable and spend time close to their favourite animal.

Can you hardly wait to spend a holiday with your dog and children in the most beautiful holiday regions in Austria, Germany, Croatia and northern Italy? Then send a non-binding enquiry today to Kinderhotels Europa and ask about dog-friendly hosts.

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