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Freds Swim Academy

Free swim lessons for kids

Fully qualified instructors will teach children (from 4 months of age) to swim quickly and easily, with agegraded classes and the latest teaching aids. We love to see children splashing around in our swimming pools but we think they have more fun - and are safer - when they are taught to swim properly by fully-qualified swimming instructors.

For children during the holidays.

Successful swimming courses for kids

In Kinderhotels Europa, your kids will be trained by coaches and swim trainers „classic“. In several hotels, small frogs will learn within 14 days to breast swim. Your holiday will be a lot of fun, knowing that your kids can swim, sail and can do other watersport by themselves.

Swimming lessons for babies

Babies move naturally in water, which is very familiar to them from before they were born. With an interested smile on your face, you float in the wet element.

This gives your baby a lot of pleasure - and you a good feeling on vacation. You will be amazed at how skilfully your baby can move in the water!

Where can I find the Smileys swimming school?

Via hotel search you can easily find all children's hotels that offer swimming lessons for children.

We will also be happy to answer your non-binding vacation inquiry or you can reserve your vacation room in one of the children's hotels right away online.

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