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Highest hygienic demands

Seal of quality

For decades now, Kinderhotels Europa has been committed to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. In addition to the well-known requirements of the hotel industry, it is important to us to be a pioneer in this area, especially in the childcare sector. Establishments that implement the hygiene measures listed below receive the Kinderhotels Hygiene Quality Seal.

Hygience measures

The childcare worker wash and disinfect theit hands several times a day.

Seating surfaces, door handles and play materials are also cleaned and disinfected daily.

Only wipe disinfection is used and no spray disinfection is used in the children´s area.

Baby & Toddler Caregivers do not wear nail polish or nails that are no longer than fingertip length, they have their hair tied up, they do not wear long earrings or long necklaces to eliminate possible risk of injury.

Babies are swaddled exclusively with disposable gloves.

Each child is given their own disposable changing pad each time they are swaddled.

After accompanying the children to the toilet, hands are washed and disinfected.

The baby & children beds in the club are assigned to each child for use upon arrival and marked with their name! The bed will be cleaned, disinfected and freshly covered upon departure.

Before and after the children´s meal, all children and care workers wach their hands and disinfect them.

The children´s high chairs are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

In times of viral diseases such as colds, the daily cleaning is highly increased. 

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