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Theatre and cinema facilities which we call

Curtain call

A great choice of movies on a cinemasized screen, with Dolby surround sound.

Plus stage sets, props and lighting for live performances.

We know your children don’t want to spend their whole time on holiday cycling in the mountains or swimming in lakes.

Sometimes they just need to calm down and chill out.

The Smileyplexx stage

The greatest magic show of your life will take place on the Smileyplexx stage! Small children become great magicians who enchant their audience.

Also there is a lot happening on screen - the whole family can spend happy hours in the children's cinema and casually watch movies together.

Vacations at Kinderhotels

That’s why many of our hotels have a Smileyplexx - an indoor entertainment area where they can sit back and watch a favourite movie or cartoon on a cinema-size screen.

What’s more, the Smileyplexx also doubles as a theatre where our friendly staff can lay on games, stage productions games or fun karaoke sessions.

Send us your non-binding vacation request or book online and soon there will be lots of action and fun for young and old.

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