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Hocus Pocus Wizard School


If your kids are crazy about Harry Potter, here’s their chance to create some magic of their own.

Hocus-Pocus-Wizard School

Harry Potter would be jealous: even Hogwarts knows what our small wizards are capable of! Skilled wizards and witches show how it’s done. Parents will be astonished by the tricks shown by their kids. Grown ups are not permitted to take part of in Hocus-Pocus wizard school’s secret lessons. The kids study the tricks until they can perform in front of an audience.

Gain more self-confidence

At our school we take young apprentices from just six years old. Your children will be taught by professional staff how to perform basic conjuring tricks - then they’ll get a chance to perform them on stage in front of their astonished parents.

Holiday with kids - magic time

And the really magic part? It’s all free! You know, my parents couldn’t work out how it was done!” Send us your non-binding holiday enquiry.

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