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Horse riding

“Heaven is being on horseback”. Many a Kinderhotels guest, young or old, will immediately subscribe to this saying. Whether it’s mucking out together, first riding lessons in the hotel’s own arena or adventurous treks on our well-behaved horses – Kinderhotels Europa makes riders’ dreams come true...

Best Quality

Here at Kinderhotels Europa we don’t do things by halves. Premium quality always comes first.

This also applies to riding stables which are directly connected to Kinderhotels Europa. We have now laid down new quality criteria to guarantee this.


  • Hotel’s own riding stables just a short direct walk from guests’ rooms
  • Riding lessons available on a minimum of five days per week
  • Certified instructors and/or trekking guides
  • Bright stalls with airy horse boxes measuring at least 10 m2
  • Riding arena and/or large outdoor arena with a top-quality surface
  • Well-trained horses
  • Exemplary stable and horse care

The result ?

Happy horses, which are sure to take care of your little treasures. And a fairytale holiday which comes true.

Only at Kinderhotels Europa.

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