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Gigasport offers customers a generous sports world with top advice, top brands, and top quality. Here you will find everything related to the topic of sports. Whether it's running, biking, outdoor activities, water/winter sports, or your own personal favorite sport - Gigasport is your reliable partner for all sports and leisure activities.

HiPP My BabyClub

In the free HiPP My BabyClub, you benefit even during pregnancy! From free product samples to age-appropriate information and numerous partner advantages, such as discounts at the Kinderhotels Europa, the HiPP My BabyClub accompanies you day by day. Join now for free!


Quality, sustainability, comfort: XXXLutz has evolved from a small family business to one of the best and largest furniture retail chains in Europe. However, the company's philosophy and personal touch have never been lost. We are proud to be a partner of this company.

Vacation specialists

500 hotels and 2,500 farms for your vacation theme. Do you want to experience the life of rural communities or dedicate yourself to fishing with heart and soul? Are you looking for a vacation for both adults and children, or do you want to consciously and holistically do something for the preservation of your health?


In addition to its well-known fashion lines for adults, Fussl has also made a name for itself in the field of children's fashion. Durability, safe textiles, advanced manufacturing techniques, and, last but not least, the fashionable touch that even children appreciate - all of these factors contribute to Fussl's reputation in children's fashion.


A company that aims to combine sustainability and playfulness. The result is a craft material made from corn-based ingredients that unleashes the imagination while instilling the concept of sustainability in the young generation's consciousness. Your children will experience it firsthand in the Kinderhotels.

Carlsen Publisher

At Carlsen, books are created with passion. They are designed for readers who want to explore the world and for parents who value their children discovering the written word through play, regardless of age. These books come from the heart and aim to bring joy to young and adult readers alike.


Austria's service portal for young families provides comprehensive information about life with children. In addition to numerous expert tips and articles on family topics, you can search for family-friendly leisure destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and more. You can also receive vouchers and participate in various competitions.

BABAUBA, as a baby and children's fashion label, is dedicated to making the lives of families more colorful. With cheerful and durable fashion, as well as accessories and homewear, they have been successful in achieving this goal for many years. Comfort, highest quality, and great attention to detail are particularly important to BABAUBA. You can shop our colorful range online at

BABAUBA - Colorful like life.

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