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Jolly little Smiley is Kinderhotels Europa’s mascot. Because he knows exactly what children want on holiday, Smiley whispers in the ears of our hosts as they sleep, suggesting the best activities and greatest packages for children. He ensures a fantastic programme of activities for children at Kinderhotels throughout Europe. Smiley also thinks it is very important for parents to have fun on holiday too. His Smileys guarantee premium quality, great service and every comfort imaginable for the whole family.

Smiley knows that children deserve the best
and the best is premium Smiley quality

The popular Kinderhotels mascot speaks many languages, because he travels throughout Europe – jolly Smiley holidays in Austria, Bavaria, Croatia and Italy. Wherever he bestows his Smileys on hotel owners, you are guaranteed fun, quality, comfort, and relaxation – in short, a perfect family holiday. Every hotel which he awards Smileys abides by his strict quality criteria, because no-one can deny Smiley anything.

Smiley understands the meaning of fun
Great Smiley offers

"Fun, fun, fun!" is Smiley´s motto because Smiley is absolutely sure that the holidays are for creating unforgettable experiences. He tells Kinderhotels hosts precisely what makes his little guests happy, so Smiley offers are always exciting and there´s no end to the holiday fun.

Little Smiley sometimes finds school boring too but in the holidays he really enjoys learning the things he thinks are fun - swimming, magic and skiing. Kinderhotels is the place where you can learn the things you love. Smiley also knows his way around movies and always finds the best children´s films for his little guests.

Smiley looks forward to hearing fromm you and to getting to know you and your parents at one of the many Kinderhotels in Europe! 

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