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5 tips for planning your family vacation

  1. Plan your vacation together
    If you plan your family vacation together and all family members express their wishes, then that is the best prerequisite for a perfect family vacation. Should you go to the mountains, the beach, or rather to a lake? Regardless of what you and your families choose, the children’s hotels will fulfill all of your wishes.
  2. Book early
    The earlier you book the likelier it is that your dream hotel will be available in your desired destination. Family packages are quickly booked out in the main season.
  3. Take the time
    Don’t take on too much – your children need relaxed parents who are passionate about what they do when they are on vacation.
  4. Child-friendly accommodation
    Accommodation should be chosen carefully. This means family-friendly rooms and childcare in the hotel. All children’s hotels are family-run. The family businesses therefore know what families and especially children need on their vacation: fun, action, and entertainment in a carefree and cozy atmosphere, as well as competent childcare and retreats for parents are of great importance for the hosts in the Children’s Hotels Europe. What your smiley children’s hotels does not have: low-price offers with hidden prices, fake pictures, and empty promises.
  5. Child-friendly program
    Which child-friendly excursion destinations are there at the holiday destination? Children’s theaters or just the sea? Parks, and playgrounds? Riding lessons in the hotel’s own riding arenas, baby care, swimming lessons, magic school, fishing for children? Take it easy and plan enough breaks.

Matched to the needs of families

It is important to the children’s hotels that every family member feels comfortable. From child-friendly dinners to childcare. The children’s hotels in Austria, Germany (Bavaria), Italy (South Tyrol), Croatia and Portugal are fully geared to the needs of families.

The categorization of the children's hotels with 3-5 smileys tells you what kind of great offer and service you can at least expect in your children's and baby hotel. Look for a suitable children's hotel for your vacation right away!

Adventure program and childcare

On several days of the week, you can rely on qualified and loving child and baby care in the children's hotels. Your children will have a great vacation time with many peers and the creative program of the teachers.

Whether it is fun at the theater or the magic show or the little ladies and gentlemen try out as models at the children's fashion show, your kids will be completely thrilled by these indoor programs. In addition to the care area, there is a playroom in your children's hotel with lots of play and activity options. As a highlight, your offspring can also look forward to a soft play system or an indoor play area in some hotels.

Enjoy your meal in the children’s hotels restaurants

The hotel restaurant ensures that the atmosphere is relaxed while eating together and that everyone has meals according to their taste. A children’s menu and menus in children’s portions are standard. As part of the childcare, your children can eat together with other children. In addition to the tasty and appealing preparation, attention is paid to the health of the little vacationers with healthy snacks for toddlers and older children.

Ideal travel destinations for families in autumn

Summer is ending and autumn is just around the corner. However, this doesn’t mean that you must forego a holiday – the autumn break is perfect for a family vacation.

City trips for families in autumn

Autumn is the ideal season for city trips with children. Not too hot for sightseeing and not too cold to freeze in the city. Depending on the weather and your mood, you can visit museums, city squares, parks – there are countless things to experience.

Experience Lisbon with children

Lisbon is a fantastic city - especially if you are traveling with children. In autumn it usually still has approximately 20 degrees. Getting around the city center is very convenient using trams and elevators. Since the city is built on several hills, there are many places where you can have a great view of the city.

The Children’s Hotel Martinhal Lisbon Chiado was opened in the summer of 2016 as "The World's First City-Center Elegant Family Hotel" right in the heart of the old town of Lisbon! It is located at the heart of Lisbon with 37 apartments, from studios to 2 bedrooms, family-friendly facilities, kids club with extended opening times in the pajama club and the family café, Martinhal Chiado, make it a perfect 5-star family hotel.

Experience Munich with children

The Bavarian metropolis ranks among one of the favorite cities for family vacations. Munich has a heart for children and has a long list of activities that families can do.

For some it is “Minga” for others it is the northernmost city in Italy. If you want to enjoy Munich’s unique mixture of Italophile architecture, Bavarian open hearted lifestyle, and pre-Alpine flair, you should check in at Harry’s Home in Moosach.

Beach vacation in autumn in Portugal

An insider tip for families is the Portuguese Algarve in autumn. Especially outside the summer season, you can still enjoy the warmth without crowds until October.

Families can experience a fun filled holiday with first-class and family-friendly facilities and accommodations in our Children’s Hotel in the Portuguese Algarve.

Wellness and hiking in Austria Bavaria and South Tyrol

The wonderful sunny autumn in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol attracts with a variety of possibilities for families: hiking, cycling, horseback riding, wellness. The temperatures are pleasantly mild until October and nature presents itself from its most beautiful side.

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