Smile! - Baby hotels in Europe

We've got the most family-friendly hotels in Europe.

When you book a holiday at a Kinderhotel you are guaranteed a high-quality family holiday. That's because, in order to join our group, hotels must meet a rigorous set of minimum requirements.

We check the facilities they offer, the quality of the food they serve, their safety standards, everything. Independent inspectors then make regular checks to ensure that standards never slip.

We also have our own system of grading hotels. As well as traditional star ratings, Kinderhotels have Smiley ratings to indicate how far they go to make children welcome and what facilities they offer.

To find out what it takes for a hotel to be awarded three, four or five Smileys, click on the links below. These will show you the minimum requirements in terms of room facilities, childcare, meal arrangements, play areas and so on.

Once you’ve decided which category best fits your needs, click on Hotel Search. There you can browse through all the hotels in each Smiley category - or pick out the ones that provide special services such asbaby care or an all-inclusive meal plan.

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