4-Smiley Kinderhotels

In addition to all the services and facilities provided by our 3-Smiley hotels, all 4-Smiley Kinderhotels must also offer the following:


  • Play area completely separate from the traffic, with safe direct access to the hotel
  • Superior standard with an indoor swimming or splash pool

Furnishings and fittings in family rooms, suites and apartments

  • Spacious rooms and apartments with plenty of room even if two children are sleeping in the apartment
  • Baby alarm in every room
  • Laundry drying facilities in the bathroom and/or on the balcony
  • Bedrooms can be darkened

Dining rooms

  • Children's table once a day on 5 days of the week with child minder
  • Juice bar with a minimum of two varieties included in the price (10.00–20.00 hrs)

Play area

  • Play area appropriate to the size of the hotel


  • Baby and childcare provided by trained staff five days a week, all day (minimum 40 hours a week), at least 2 childminders permanently present
  • Programmes, e.g. organised programme for the whole family, either in the hotel or elsewhere, at least once a week (play afternoon, children's fashion show, walk and picnic for everyone, etc.)
  • Minimum 2 childminders

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5 Smileys luxuriöser Familienurlaub

Holidays at the child-friendly Kinderhotels in Austria, South Tyrol, Germany, Italy and Croatia. Certified Family Hotels with free Child Care and service for Babies and Children.

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