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Entirely designed for families

It is important to the children’s hotel that every family feels comfortable. The children’s hotels are entirely designed to meet the needs of families, from child-friendly dinners to childcare. The categorization of the children’s hotels using 3-5 smileys informs you of what great offers and service you can at least expect at the children’s and baby hotel. Check for a suitable children’s hotel for your vacation right now!

Experience program and childcare

On several days of the week, you can rely on qualified and loving childcare and baby care in the children’s hotels. Your children will have a great vacation time with the creative program of teachers and surrounded by many playmates of the same age. Whether it is fun at the theater, the magic show or the children’s fashion show, where the little ladies and gentlemen can try out as models, your kids will be completely thrilled by these indoor programs. In addition to the care area, there is a playroom in your children’s hotel with a lot of play and activity options. As a highlight, your offspring can look forward to a soft play system or an indoor play area in some hotels.

Delicious food at the children’s hotels restaurant

The hotel restaurant ensures that the atmosphere is relaxed while eating together and that everyone has meals according to their taste. A children’s menu and menus in children’s portions are standard. As part of the childcare, your children can eat together with other children. In addition to the tasty and appealing preparation, attention is paid to the health of the little vacationers with healthy snacks for toddlers and older children.

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